Five-star resort in Qurayat to be ready in 2020

Muscat:  The five-star Dhabab Resort, currently being built in Qurayat is 60 per cent complete and will be ready in the first quarter of 2020. The project is first fully privately-owned (from funding to purchase of the land to construction and main facilities).

The project is located in close proximity to important sites visited by tourists from inside and outside the Sultanate, such as Najm park, Wadi al Arbaeen, Wadi al Shabab, Wadi Dayqah Dam and other attractions that are popular for water sports, water skiing, diving, fishing and other activities.

The Dhabab Resort consists of 92 rooms, including 24 rooms directly overlooking the sea, three luxury suites, five additional suites, two swimming pools, a spa, and a playground. It will have multi-use halls for events and meetings with a capacity of 120 guests per room.

The resort will be managed by the Melia Group, an international management group, which is one of the largest hotel operators in Europe and the third largest in the world.

The design of the Dhabab Resort complements the beautiful local environment that dots the coastline between Qurayat and Sur. The property, at a distance of an hour and a half from Muscat, is an attractive place for both local and international tourists, who want to enjoy the picturesque coastal strip of southern Muscat.

This vital project is expected to enhance domestic tourism in the Sultanate, which is growing rapidly, where local tourism is important, as the statistics said that domestic tourism is 70 per cent.

This resort, funded by private partners, underlines of the importance of the tourism sector as part of the government’s strategy under for 2040.

Such policies are expected to make Oman a strategic tourist destination because of its unique features, especially the diverse geographical terrain- sea, mountain, desert, and marine world among others.

The project also stresses on the fact that any project in a region should be established with the involvement of the local community, whether directly or indirect so that its actual goals are met.