FIVE Questions

Do you have any RAMADHAN Traditions?
We don’t have any strict traditions that we need to follow. Ramadhan has always been an occasion where our whole family come together. It is also an important time when everyone gathers at the same place for the start of the fast. We also break the fast together. That has been our practice — that sense of togetherness in doing important religious things together.

What’s the most difficult challenge you have to personally overcome in Ramadhan?
Ramadhan is an integral part of my life. Doing fasting since I was a child, I was already conditioned and mentally prepared on what would happen during the holy month. For me, there is no difficult challenge or task to overcome. In fact, I keep waiting for Ramadhan to arrive every year.

What is the significance of Ramadhan for you? Why is it important?
For all Muslims, Ramadhan is not only the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. There are several reasons why Ramadhan is considered important. A lot of people know the basic information like the Quran being revealed during this month and the gates of Heaven are open but it is vital also because it is the best time to do fasting during daylight hours and you have an opportunity to do good things for the betterment of yourself and others.

What’s your fondest memory of Ramadhan?
I learnt a lot over the years. One I will not forget is when I was still a kid, after commencing the prayer to start the fast, I drank water afterwards. My father made me understand that we are not supposed to swallow even our saliva. That lesson stuck with me even up to now.

DO you find time to help the poor?
We do help the poor during Ramadhan. But we have this guideline to not mention when we are giving to the needy. Helping and kindness should be their own rewards.

Sheik Chand
Business Development Manager
Al Jassar LLC