FIVE Questions

Do you have any RAMADHAN traditions?
We don’t have what so called a special family tradition, but we try to make few alterations (simple decoration) in the house to show our happiness and get the kids excited in welcoming Ramadhan.
We also make sure the whole family comes together on the first Iftar in our parent’s house. All the sons/daughters, grandsons/ granddaughters as well as sister and brothers in law, will all gather regardless if Ramadhan starts during a weekday or the weekend.

What’s the most difficult challenge you have to personally overcome in Ramadhan?
I don’t believe there are any challenges during Ramadhan. It is a month of peace where I can be truly myself, where my time is largely devoted to think positively about different aspects of life. For some reason, fasting brings balance between the body and the soul. I just wish I can feel the high spirit and the lightness I feel during Ramadhan throughout the year.
What is the significance of Ramadhan for you? Why is it important?
Ramadhan is a special month in the Islamic year. What made Ramadhan very special is that it was during this time that the Holy Quran decended to our beloved Prophet Mohammed.

What’s your fondest memory of Ramadhan?
One can never forget the first experience of fasting and how devoted we were to show that we are grown ups and can handle it.
Memories of Ramadhan are continuous. Every Ramadhan carry its special addition. It either marks the joining of new family member or the loss of beloved ones. Wither it’s the first or the last, you can never forget it.

DO you find time to help the poor?
Yes we do. As a family we have established our own programme of “Iftar Saeem”.

Dr Ayida Al Wahaibi
Senior Lecturer
Oman Dental College