FIVE Questions

What is your fondest memories of Ramadhan?
There was this incident when I was still very young that I can’t forget. For a small child, temptation is something that he can’t always stand. For my case, what happened was that I went to the kitchen before the time for iftar and had water without my mom noticing. It was a learning experience and one that I will always remember during Ramadhan..

What’s the most difficult challenge you have to personally overcome during Ramadhan?
For Muslims who do fasting, I think it is the weekends that are the most difficult times. Being at work is good because I am keeping myself busy especially in the morning. But on weekends, you usually have more times in your hand and getting through the day can be a bit challenging.
What is the significance of Ramadhan for you? Why is it important?
Ramadhan is one of the pillars of Islam. As children raised with faith, we grew up with all the accompanying traditions. It is our religious custom and it is deeply ingrained into our lifestyle and culture.
It is important for all the reasons mentioned and because it has become a way of life for all of us.

What’s your family tradition during Ramadhan?
We celebrate each iftar and the whole Ramadhan with family and friends. We share iftar and we spend time to pray together.

do you find time to help the poor?
Yes, I do. My family and I, even the whole society do. We take care of the poor and those who have nothing even after the holy month.

Ali Al Ghasaini
Third Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs