FIVE Questions

What is the significance of Ramadhan for you? Why is it important?
I personally consider Ramadhan as a very auspicious month. During this, Muslims observe fasting from dawn to sunset, performing nightly prayers in addition to the daily obligatory prayers, and concluding each day’s fast over food with family and friends. The Holy month is very important because it is a month of recharging our body, mind and soul — it is time to pause, stop and rethink the philosophies of life.

do you find time to help the poor?
We believe that charity is one of the best and most honoured deeds in the world. It is taught by our elders in the family that righteous deeds in the holy month are unique from those performed in other months. As a month of caring and giving., it becomes the duty of every fasting Muslim to give to the underprivileged. We believe that the reward of charity and righteous deeds in Ramadhan is doubled by Allah The Almighty.

what constitutes your Iftar meal?
A typical Iftar meal in my family would include dates, salads, samosas and snacks, soup, and faluda.

What is your fondest memory of Ramadhan growing up?
The best memory is the Iftar get togethers of the family. We get to meet our family members and spend time with them too. The evenings after prayers and fast break always remained a time not only meeting your immediate family members, but those members who are far away from us during the other 11 months.

What’s the most difficult challenge you have to personally overcome during Ramadhan?
The holy month of Ramadhan has always been a blessed month for me and my family. By the grace of the Almighty Allah, I have not faced many challenges during the holy month.


Haidar Mohammed Jawad Al Lawati
Lead Administrator, Press & Media Oman Telecommunications Company