Five fitness apps to get you started

Personal chef, assistant and diary, our lives not only revolve around our smartphones but depend on them for even the most menial tasks like alarm clocks or reminding us to drink water.  As the saying goes, need anything done? There’s an app for that! Although scrolling through the numerous social media platforms and forums is a lot of hard work, it doesn’t bode well for your body or your mind. Want to give yourself a break and start working on those little body and healthy lifestyle goals you keep promising yourself every new year? Well there’s apps for that! Here are top 5 apps that will help you track, better and reach your fitness goals.

Available on iOS and Android
A simple and customisable workout app that is rated number 1 for quality of instructional exercise standards. Once you enter in your personal data, you can select your personal fitness goals that will give you a choice of workouts which will help you make the most of your time. The workout dashboard introduces numerous exercises for strength, cardio, yoga, and stretching demonstrated by your coach. Individual exercises can be viewed using the custom dashboard to compile your personalised workout.

J&J Official 7 Minute Workout
Available on iOS and Android
Designed by Chris Jordan, director of exercise physiology at the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, The app is centred around research on HIIT and circuit training that shows that short bursts of hard exercise with short recoveries can improve aerobic fitness quickly. Setup is fast. You can jump straight into a 7-minute workout, or 9.07 minutes with a warmup. Swiping between workout views on the slick interface displays time, video, or music, which can be selected from your phone music library. Your progression is tracked in the performance dashboard to indicate the days, number of cycles completed, and effort.
Available on iOS and Android
Irrespective of how fit you are, if you don’t actually set goals then you will be less likely to stick with it and see results. The app helps you build healthier habits by providing you guidance along the way to your goals.You start off with picking a habit you’d like to work on. In this example, I chose “Drinking More Water.” It then let’s you set reminders and track your goal. Every goal you set is public and other users can cheer you on, provide encouragement, or even hold you accountable to keep you motivated.

Available on iOS and Android
If you enjoy running, jogging, or walking or want to get into any of those, you will love MapMyRun. Not only does it track everything so you can see your progress, but there’s an awesome community of people to interact, compete, and become friends with. MapMyRun has tapped into a great social aspect by allowing users to share about a run they did to their social media sites. Think of it as your running diary, offering GPS tracking, time logs, daily activity, and calories burned, and that can all be done while you’re listening to music, on the phone, and going about your daily routines.

JEFIT: Workout
Tracker Gym Log
Available on iOS and Android
JEFIT enables you to track your workout routines and your rest time, and log and graph all body measurements as you progress.If you are a gym beginner, JEFIT provides you with more than 60 routines devised by the JEFIT team, or you can access more than 2,000 community-created plans to get you started. An exercise dashboard displays an excess of 1,300 exercises for weight lifting equipment and cardio machines, and it provides visual step-by-step instructions on how to complete the exercises, as well as useful tips. There are millions of other users to connect with, or you can add friends to keep you motivated and on track. You can share your training progress with the community and compare statistics.