Fish plant reopens in Al Ashkharah

MUSCAT, Feb 16 – Oman Fisheries Company has reopened the fish factory in the Niyabat of Al Ashkharah after the completion of renovation. The fishing processing plant is equipped with advanced freezing machines which increased its processing capacity to 60 tonnes per day. Besides, the capacity of cold storage has been raised to 220 metric tonnes. An ice factory with a capacity of 20 tonnes per day was added. The development of the fish plant in the Niyabat of Al Ashkharah came in coordination with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources. By developing the fish factory, Oman Fisheries Company seeks to contribute to the development of the fisheries sector and achieve the desired goals. The fish factory buys fishermen’s catch on a daily basis and targets to reach 60 tonnes per day from Al Wusta and South Al Sharqiyah governorates.

By Zakaria Fikri