First snow park to open in Oman

The Mall of Muscat’s Snow Park will be the first of a new generation of real snow and ice indoor amusement parks. Al Jarwani Group is developing the Snow Park through Tamani Entertainment and Dutch company “Unlimited Snow”, both of whom specialise in the entertainment and leisure sector. Located on the third level of the Mall of Muscat (with the Oman Aquarium on the second and ground floor), construction of the 5,600 sqm project started in 2015. A themed- Alpine village facade will give the Snow Park a more inviting appearance to mall visitors. The Snow Park will consist of snow stone carvings, terraces, Alpine cottages and chalets plus a souvenir gift shop.

The chemical-free snow and ice will be produced after visiting hours and the park will have a fully automated meltwater recycling system; providing a fresh layer of snow daily. There will also be artificial snow fall (The Snow Shower feature) during public visiting hours for people to enjoy an unprecedented snow experience in the Sultanate. To enhance all this incredible snow there will be light effects, a realistic starry sky and snow covered trees to enrich the Alpine ambiance. A signature attraction will be the large snow mobile track that will weave its way through a huge area of the park, featuring more than 21 special rides developed to accommodate different age groups.
Other attractions, many of which are making their debut in such an environment, will include snow bumper cars, snow mobiles, snow carousel, snow diggers, snow slides, snow scooters, ice climbing wall, snowball challenge, snowball arena, Alpine theatre and ice skating rink.
Coats, boots and socks will be provided to Snow Park visitors on arrival and once they have exited the main attraction area, guests will have access to a special room to dry off.
Positioned to be one of the key attractions of the iconic Mall of Muscat, construction works are on track and the Snow Park is planned to open to public in the last quarter of 2018.
Al Jarwani Group aims to develop this sector in the Sultanate by undertaking specific and unique projects that help attract and encourage internal and external tourism and contribute to the promotion of the local economy cycle.
In response to the increasing global and local interest in Oman as a business and leisure destination, Al Jarwani Group is consciously and strategically positioning itself and its ground-breaking projects, to ensure maximum impact for the local economy and workforce — the Snow Park is no exception.
Omani tourism has a lot of potential, but it lacks innovative leisure projects which draw crowds from within the region and further afield. Many citizens and residents of Oman travel for long distances and spend a lot of money in order to see and experience entertainment projects in neighbouring countries. This fact has created the need to develop Leisure and Entertainment projects in the Sultanate which can help the tourism sector grow and allow it to be one of the key contributors to the national economy through generation of both internal and external tourism.