First liver transplant performed in Oman

A liver transplant was successfully performed for the first time in the Sultanate by the Royal Hospital on an Omani with a cancerous liver tumour. The procedure was conducted by a team by Prof Mohamed Rela, one of the world’s top liver transplant surgeons, with assistance from the Royal Hospital medical and nursing staff. A delicate procedure, the transplant involves extracting 60-65 per cent of the donor’s liver.
Later, the patient’s liver is fully extracted and the donor’s liver is connected to patient’s blood vessels and cystic duct.

Prof Rela said they have transplanted a living donor’s liver on the woman — her young son donated half of his liver. The procedure was carried out with a combination of surgeons as well as doctors, anaesthetists and intensivists. It went off successfully.
Both the recipient and the donor are doing extremely well.
Living donor liver transplantation involved two phases: pre-operation and liver transplantation operation.
Before the operation, the donor should undertake several examinations to assess his fitness. The aim is to confirm the donor and patient are blood group compatible, assess size/health of the donor liver and confirm the donor is free of any chronic/communicable diseases.

Dr Ahmed bin Mohammed al Saeedi, Minister of Health, who visited the patient on Tuesday, lauded the “outstanding achievement” that was accomplished in collaboration with one of the Indian hospitals.
Dr Al Saeedi has requested individuals to register with the National Organ Donation Programme in order to facilitate such life-saving operations.
Commenting on the achievment, Dr Qasim al Salmi, Royal Hospital Director, said it is the result of a two-year liver transplantation training programme for the hospital cadre in one of the world’s most comprehensive liver disease management centres. “The latest equipment and the medical devices used for the procedure are key to our latest success,” he said.
He said the success of liver transplantation surgery aids expansion and development of therapeutic services in the hospital and launch of paediatric liver transplantation services next year.