First Duqm Dialogue begins for entrepreneurs

DUQM: Companies operating in the Economic Zone of Duqm are looking to enhance their cooperation and exchange of expertise and experience on Sunday in the first meeting of the Duqm Dialogue series at Park Inn Duqm Hotel. The organising company is looking forward that Duqm Dialogue series form an important platform for communication and exchange of expertise and experience, as well as best opportunities for businesses regarding the challenges and opportunities facing the business climate in the Duqm region.
The dialogue also aims at entrepreneurs who want to develop their businesses and know the business opportunities available. Ismail bin Ahmed al Balushi, Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm (SEZAD) Deputy Chairman, said: “This series will mobilise a large audience through which to communicate and exchange experiences about the opportunities and developments.” Reggy Vermeulen, CEO, Port of Duqm, said that communicating with new business partners is very difficult, hoping to contribute to breaking barriers for companies that aspire to establish new business relationships by allowing everyone to connect with others from their peers and business partners, whether existing or new business entities. — ONA