Fire drill held at ISG

MUSCAT: The Civil Defence Department organised a fire drill at Indian School Al Ghubra on Sunday, February 18, during school hours to enlighten the staff and students of the school on the safety measures to be taken and the procedures to be followed in the event of a fire. The drill began with the civil defence personnel simulating fire and smoke which triggered off the fire alarm. The students and staff evacuated the school building through the designated exits and assembled at the assigned assembly points on the school grounds. Within minutes the fire engines arrived on the scene along with Royal Oman Police and the ambulance. There was also an ambulance bus that could accommodate 50 people.
With the help of student volunteers, the personnel demonstrated the first aid measures administered to the injured, while a group of firemen were busy going through the procedures involved in dousing the flames.
The most exciting part of the drill for the students was the rescue operation performed when three students were plucked from the terrace of the school by firemen on a crane. This adventurous feat was greeted with a spontaneous round of applause by the crowd.