Huge fire breaks out at industrial area

A huge fire that broke out in a metal scrap yard and later to a warehouse of a company that sold engine lubricants and other automotive spare parts caused panic among the residents of Wadi Kabir on Thursday afternoon.
The reason of the fire is unknown. Several firefighting teams from the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA) from Darsait and other nearby places rushed to the scene to contain the fire since evening as the impact of the fire was colossal, according to the sources. Eyewitnesses told the Observer that the fire broke out at the warehouse in the afternoon spread to other buildings that housed scrap, vehicle parts, oil, grease and other highly inflammable goods.

No casualties were reported as the fire happened during the day and workers were at afternoon break, the management of the warehouse said. The fire was so huge that the billowing smoke was sighted from as far as Ghala and elsewhere.
Statistics suggest that an average of 1,000 to 1,300 industrial fire and workplace accidents take place in Oman a year. However, there has been a substantial decline last year due to lock down and Covid-19 restrictions.
The PACDA attributes the reasons of industrial fires to poor electrical fittings and connections, reckless behaviour of the people, short circuits, and lack of fire extinguishing equipment in the premises.