Fine arts competition winners named

By Amal Al Riyami — NIZWA: Jan 3: The results of Fine Arts Competitions organised as part of the Youth Creations programme at Nizwa have been announced. The Youth Committee of Club Nizwa completed the evaluation of entries on Monday. The Comparison Commission examined participants’ works and nominated five paintings from each category for the top three positions. Said al Farsi, Shaikha al Riyami, both supervisors of fine arts, and Hajar al Hadidi, fine arts teacher, were part of the evaluation committee. Ahmed al Kindi, head of the Youth Committee, and Amal al Shukri, a member of the Youth Committee, were the supervisors.

In the first category (for ages 10-15 years), Mohammad al Rashidi came at the top with 54 points, Zawan al Riyami was placed second with 46 points, and Maryam al Durai and Taif al Rajhi in the third with 36 points. The second category was a painting competition for students in the age group 16 to 30 years. Murshid al Rashidi won the first place with 90 points, Buthaina al Hashemi came second with 88 points, and Shamsa al Hadidi and Ahmed al Baridi third with 84 points. In Arabic calligraphy, Aye al Saqri won the first place with 76 points, Amina al Riyami came second with 72 points and Aalia al Mahrooqi third with 54 points.