Financial intermediary opens Muscat office

QBG Geojit Securities LLC, licensed by the Capital Market Authority (CMA) as a Financial Intermediary dealing in non-Omani securities in the Sultanate, opened its new office in Al Ghubrah yesterday. The new office was inaugurated yesterday by the Indian Ambassador to Oman, Munu Mahawar, in the presence of Shaikh Ahmed bin Sultan Saif al Hosni, Chairman of Qurum Business Group.
QBG Geojit has been providing investment services with the Omani nationals and Indian expatriates for the last 12 years in the Sultanate. The team has been providing guidance for the investors, with an interest to invest in Indian and overseas Capital Market and serve them better with even more accessibility.
C J George, Managing Director of Geojit Financial Services Ltd said, “One of the fastest growing economy in the world is India. The capital market is the only opportunity and an excellent tool where foreigners can get the share of the growth. In Oman we are doing two things one is training the investors if they have any knowledge gap and secondly we facilitate transactions in the stock exchanges in India. We help them to invest in appropriate mutual fund schemes. So we undertake the fund management activity on behalf of the Omani nationals and the NRIs in Oman. We are in the process of reaching out to other cities of various regions in Oman.”
Speaking at the event George said QBG Geojit Securities also helps Indian expats in Oman to dematerialise their physical share certificates from their office in Oman. As per the SEBI circular transfer of physical share will be suspended from April 1, 2019 and the only way to sell them is by dematerialisation.
QBG Geojit Securities operates as a Financial Intermediary dealing in non-Omani securities which include Online Trading in Indian Equities, Mutual Funds — Indian and Offshore, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan), Foreign Portfolio Investment opportunities for Omani nationals, PMS (Portfolio Management Service) and Depository services, and so on. Qurum Business Group Geojit Securities LLC is a tie up between Geojit Financial Services Ltd, one of India’s leading financial services intermediaries and the very reputed Omani company — Qurum Business Group.
Geojit is a leading investment services company in India with a strong presence in Middle East that offers products and services offered ranges from Equities and Derivatives to Mutual Funds. The needs of over 9,50,000 clients are met via multichannel services — a wide network of over 500 offices, phone service, dedicated Customer Care Centre and the Internet. Geojit Financial Services has an extensive presence in the Middle East region via joint ventures and partnerships: Barjeel Geojit Securities in UAE, BBK Geojit Securities KSC, in Kuwait and QBG Geojit Securities LLC in Oman. The company also has a presence in Bahrain through a business partnership with Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait.