Final round of national chess tournament qualification

MUSCAT, Oct 22 – As many as 80 players will compete in the final round of Oman national chess tournament qualification for youth category (Under-18 and general level). The competitions, organised by Oman Chess Committee (OCC), will take place on Tuesday. All qualified players from pre-qualification stages will be placed in six groups with reference to the player’s geographical location. The first round of pre-qualification started from Ibri on October 5 and included players from Al Dhahirah and Al Buraimi. Later, Muscat Governorate qualifications began and players qualified for youth category are: Osama al Drushi, Osama al Hadidi, Ahmed al Hadidi and Mahmoud al Hadidi.

The tournament will be played as per the standards of International Chess Federation. All the matches between the players will be as per electronic results and the number of rounds to be decided upon the participants. Each round will take 20 minutes for each player. The match will be played in Swiss format which is approved system to evaluate players ranking as per International Chess Federation. OCC announced that all matches will be officiated by official referees of the OCC.