Final push for votes in UK campaign

Britain on Wednesday hit the final day of campaigning for a general election darkened by terror attacks in two cities, leaving forecasters struggling to predict an outcome on polling day. Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May and main opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn were criss-crossing the country on Wednesday, targeting urban areas whose votes could be crucial. The prime minister stunned Britain on April 18 when she announced a snap election, hoping to transform a massive opinion-poll lead into an equally huge majority in the House of Commons, where she holds a slim 17-seat advantage in the 650-member legislature. But the political ground began to shift under her feet, moving from Brexit — May’s strongest card — to domestic policy and her own record on security, both of them favouring Corbyn. Opinion polls — hampered by a poor reputation for reliability — predict a May win. But depending on polling methodology, victory could range from around 50 seats to a loss of seats and even no majority at all.