Fettuccine Carbonara

200 gr Fettuccine pasta (Precooked)
5 gr garlic, chopped
50 gr turkey bacon, strips
10 onions, chopped
300 gr fresh cooking cream
10 gr olive oil
15 gr parmesan cheese
1 egg yolk
Thyme sprig
Salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl, put 15 gr parmesan cheese, the egg yolk, 50 gr cream and mix them all together.

In a saucer pan, heat up the olive oil to a medium heat.

Lightly sauté the onion, garlic and thyme, then add turkey bacon.

Season with salt and pepper.
Add the cooking cream and reduce the heat. Oil the pasta, and then add it to onion, garlic and parmesan mixtures.

Toss the pasta with the sauce.
Ready to serve.

Fettuccine pasta is said to have been one of the first types of pasta invented. Made from egg and flour, it is something that is easy to do at home especially if you have a pasta machine.
The name Fettuccine in Italian means “small ribbons” and the pasta itself is shaped like long, flat ribbons. It can either be fresh or dried.
Because of its heavy characteristic, Fettuccine is normally served in heavier, meat-based sauces and can also work with creamy and tomato sauces.
There are different dishes that use Fettuccine pasta. One of the popular pasta recipes in the United States is the Fettuccine Alfredo which is made up of creamy alfredo sauce and usually is served with chicken or shrimp.
Fettuccine carbonara is of course quite world-renown not only for its delicious taste but also because of its easier preparation.
The traditional recipe of carbonara is quite hard to track down, but many Italians believe that the carbonara dish originated with the “carbonari” or charcoalmen who were involved in the unification of Italy.

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