Festive mood grips Salalah

Serene Salalah has woken up soon after the opening of the Salalah Tourism Festival (STF) and monsoon rains that coincided with the start of the festival. The monsoon season known locally as Khareef is more important than the festival because the whole of festivity depends on good monsoon.
As per expectation, the start of the season is good with Salalah temperatures coming down to 25 degrees with the onset of the season and regular drizzling during the night and early morning hours.
A municipality official working at the Itin Municipality Recreation Area admitted that the start of the festival was very good due to nice weather and “wonderful start of the festival mainly due to nice weather conditions. We are expecting more visitors this year and we are excited to serve them better with our facilities and entertainment programmes.”
“Salalah, Taqah, Mirbat and Mughsail will see entertainment events to be presented by artists from Oman and other countries.
An exhibition of traditional items from 35 countries is going to be the highlight of the festival. This exhibition is likely to open anytime next week.
Dhofar Municipality has given a facelift to the Itin Festival Ground. Among this year’s attraction is the exhibition at the global village where there is entertainment options for all age groups with including shopping. More than 1,000 crafts are to be showcased during the festival. The festival organisers have tried to make this year’s Khareef Festival an event of public and private collaboration. This will be reflected at different venues including the Global Village where hundreds of stalls would be set up by both Omani and foreign entrepreneurs.
Inter-wilayat competitions of traditional songs, dance and folk lore have always been centre of attraction among the festival visitors. The shows depict the rich heritage of Oman. The performances include Al Zamel, Al Madima, Al Nan, Al Mahid, Al Tanborah, Al Madar, Al Azi and Al Shibaniyah, that presented the values and traditions of different wilayats of the Sultanate. Some international troupes are also to take part in the festival.

Kaushalendra Singh