Fest venues get a thumbs-up

Muscat, Jan 30 – Muscat Festival has continued to attract citizens and residents even as it completed the first week on Tuesday. Friday has been the best in terms of footfalls at both the venues with the maximum number of programmes marked during these days. The Heritage Village, Omani food and participation of the US Embassy in Muscat at the Al Amerat Park are some of the highlights of the event this year. The quiz and ‘win a candy’ show at the US Embassy stall alongside stage shows were among the late evening attractions.

“I have been to both the venues but the activities at Naseem Gardens are better. Amerat Park is more on the predicted lines, but it is a great place to enjoy Omani food. The parking facility at Amerat is relatively better, especially when one has to move out of the venue late night on a weekend,” said Shafeer Khan, a resident of Ghubra. The two-day short film festival in honour of late Omani actor Salim Bahwan was welcomed by his fans over the last days. Visitors to the stalls of small and medium enterprises were surprised by the products on display all seven days of the week. “Prices are on the higher side but the products are fantastic and all visitors should encourage more companies.”

The SME stalls were encouraged by a few VIP visitors who promised to help in all possible ways. The Chinese Garden at Naseem Park has been impressive with its fine art paintings by two Chinese artists, led by Yokwan Sen. “I see it as a destination for family get-togethers so that children can spend some time with friends amid pleasant weather,” said Lyala Balushi, a resident of Amerat.

Vinod Nair