Fees prescribed for entry into turtle reserve

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs has prescribed fees for entering the turtle reserve. As per a ministerial decision, those wanting to enter the reserve for diving or spending a night should pay the prescribed fees. Personnel of the Sultan’s Armed Forces and Royal Oman Police (ROP) will be exempt from paying fees if the visit is for performing their duties.
Employees of government departments and academic institutions are exempted from paying the fee if the visit is for research purposes or official purposes.
Likewise, fishermen, residents of the reserve and the official government delegations need not pay the fees.
A permit is required from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs for entering the reserve for camping or spending a night.
Pets are not allowed in the reserve. A maximum of 80 people will be allowed to camp at prescribed places inside the reserve. Speed limit inside the reserve has been fixed at 50 kmh.
Violation of the regulations will attract a fine of not less than RO 50 and not more than RO 300.