Fast Hikka moves on but it is best to stay indoors

Muscat: The PACA officials described the tropical cyclone Hikka as fastest but smallest cyclone as the system rushed through Masirah heading towards Duqum by Tuesday late afternoon.

Hikka , refered to as a type of fish in Maldives, had been moving towards west but once touching Masirah it took a deflection to southwest heading for the coast of Al Wusta Governorate.  By late afternoon Masirah was already facing direct impact of Hikka.

“The direct impact next will be in the coastal areas but there would be indirect impact in Sharqiya North and Sharqiya South with light to moderate rain and some rain can be expected in the northern part of Dhofar.  Muscat meanwhile has received some medium and high clouds and that is what is expected on Wednesday as well.  We are not expecting rain or active wind,” explained Nasser al Ismaily, Weather Forecaster at National Multi Hazard Early Warning Centre, Public Authority of Civil Aviation.

The areas where the cyclone has been active the wind speed had already reached between 50 to 60 knots.  “This will generate dust blowing winds at the same time precaution has to be taken about objects that are not fastened.  People have to be careful because they might see some inundation as there is high tide as well.  Fishermen have to be careful with their boats.  The public should definitely not venture into the sea and should not cross wadis.  Apart from that everything should be all right,” said Al Ismaily.

Hikka has a radius that will be under the indirect impact that would bring in strong winds that could affect visibility, urged the weather forecaster.

“You have to be cautious while driving because visibility could go less than 100 meters and even zero at certain areas,” he pointed out.

Partly cloudy to cloudy skies are expected over the south Al Sharqiya and al Wusta governorates with chances of heavy thundershowers and active winds. Mainly clear skies over the rest of the Sultanate governorates with chance of convective clouds development and isolated rain over al-Hajar Mountains and adjoining areas towards afternoon.

Over most of the Sultanate winds will be northeasterly to south easterly light to moderate and very active over Al Wusta and South Al Sharqiya governorates.

Sea is reported to be rough along Arabian Sea coasts with wave height ranging from 4 to 6 meters and slight along rest of the Sultanate coasts with maximum wave height of 1.25 meter.