Ministry clarifies on fare meters in orange taxis

The government has made a clarification on issues concerning the regulation of street taxis in Oman, especially vis-a-vis installation of electronic taxi meters.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, MOTC said the installation of electronic meters in orange and white taxis is mandatory with fares to
be charged as per the ministerial decision 195/2018.
It, however, said the rule ensures the rights of both parties (passenger and driver), unless there is a prior agreement between two parties. “The driver will be subject to penalties if he fails to follow the rules and use the fare meters.”
With this clarification, the government allows the drivers and passengers to agree on a fare but at the same time electric meters have to be use any time during a trip.
As per the ministerial decision 195/2018, the fares has been fixed at 300 baisa at the start of the trip, after which customers will be charged 130 baisa for every km and at least RO 1 for each trip from June 2019.
In case of multiple passengers, fares shall be divided among them. Waiting charges will be 50 baisa per minute, while the first five minutes will be free.
The taxi driver is obliged to operate meter at the start of the journey.
The trip will be ‘deemed free’ if the taxi driver refuses to turn on the meter.
The decision based on the Land Transport Law and its Executive Regulations, which were revealed in November this year.