Falaj Al Qabail park offers array of recreational and learning activities

SOHAR: Falaj Al Qabail Public Park has unique features and components that may not be found in many parks in Suhar and other wilayats. It consists of service facilities, cafe and playgrounds for football, volleyball and basketball. The park consists of 1,000-metre walkways, in addition to yards for children games, restrooms distributed throughout the park, and a fountain.
The park also has the Exploratory Educational Centre for the daily life skills of the child under the name of “Exploratory Child Centre” (650 square metres), the first of its kind in the governorate, as well as a football playground with natural grass.
Shaikh Muhanna bin Saif al Lamki, Governor of North Al Batinah, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Jusoor, said: “Falaj Al Qabail Public Park in the Wilayat of Suhar is one of the modern and distinctive model projects that serve the community, as it was developed with advanced design and equipment in the area of recreational facilities and children’s games with an area of 36,000 metres. He pointed out that the project is one of the initiatives of Orpic within the framework of corporate social responsibility (CSR), in cooperation with Suhar Municipality, which aims to create an atmosphere of entertainment for children and families and the development of children’s skills through the Scientific Exploration Centre, which allows children to develop their talents.
The Governor of North Al Batinah explained that a number of private sector institutions and companies in North Al Batinah are working to support community projects within their CSR, thus contributing to the provision of a number of projects, services, facilities and supplies needed by members of the community and their daily lives.
Falaj Al Qabail Park is one of those entertainment services provided to the community. There are many projects implemented and others are being executed, most important of which are adopted by the Jusoor Foundation and its supporting companies and sponsors.
Abdulaziz bin Mohammed al Jabri, a resident of Suhar, said: “The Wilayat of Suhar is characterised by the spread of green areas and the presence of a large number of parks and gardens along the wilayat, which provides recreational space for many families from inside and outside the wilaya. Falaj Al Qabail Park is a new and beautiful addition in the wilayat due to its location as it is not far from the wilayats of Liwa and Shinas, close to the Suhar Port and Suhar Industrial Zone, allowing workers there to take advantage of the facilities of this park to entertain themselves and their families during weekends.”
Omani Oil Refineries and Petroleum Industries (Orpic) has signed the construction agreement for the project of the Child Exploration Centre, which comes within the modern and distinctive components of the park, at a total cost of RO 180,000, to be funded by Orpic and supervised by Jusoor. The project is located on an area of 650 square meters, is unique and has been specifically designed to provide educational, sport and exploratory services for children aged 3 years through a fun interactive environment that allows the children to explore the sciences around them and the daily life skills.
The Exploratory Child Centre aims to provide children with information through play and fun, and to discover that science and technology as part of their everyday lives. The centre contains several areas of entertainment and educational ideas that children deal with through fun and activities in an active environment.