Falaj Al Malki – Testament to ancient Omani engineering skill

IZKI: Falaj Al Malki in the Wilayat of Izki in the Governorate of Al Dakhiliyah is one of the most famous and largest Falaj in the Sultanate. A sign of greatness, engineering and the will of the Omani man and his keen interest in the reconstruction and expansion of the agricultural area in old Oman, dating back to the era of Imam Malik bin Fahm al Azdi.
Mohammed bin Hamoud al Maskary told Oman News Agency (ONA) that, “Falaj Al Malki is one of the largest Falaj in the Sultanate in terms of the number of feeding tributaries (17 feeders). It was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Record on 16/6/2006 as it represents the oldest single irrigation system in the area. It constitutes a human and historical heritage created by the Omanis more than two thousand years ago, and the total length of the Falaj is about 15 kilometers, and the depth of the “Umm Al Falaj” (Mother well) under the surface of 9.5 square meters. “
Al Maskary pointed out that due to the climatic conditions experienced by the wilayat in terms of low rainfall and severe pressure of the aquifer feeding the Falaj due to urbanization, the flow of Falaj has decreased, especially in periods of drought, but the condition of the structure and channel of the Falaj is still good.
The Falaj has been provided with auxiliary wells that pour in the open part of the Falaj to promote its flow.
He added that the water situation in the wilaya whether surface or underground, is monitored by measuring surface water levels by measuring the flow of twenty-four Falaj selected from the Wilaya’s Aflaj in various villages out of 115 Falaj, 66 of them are active and 49 Falaj are non-active.
The groundwater is monitored by 27 monitoring wells, which were drilled specifically for this purpose by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources in the form of a hole, according to technical bases and 13 auxiliary wells to help the Aflaj.
The citizens in the Wilayat of Izki continue to work to renew the tributaries of Falaj Al Malki to restore life since the beginning of this year. They have been meeting every day since early morning with great determination, renewed resolution and a will that abodes life for this Omani landmark built by the ancestors led by Imam Malik bin Fahm.
Salat bin Mohammed al Toobi, the Falaj agent and general supervisor of the campaign of cleaning and renovation of Falaj Al Malki, said: “The campaign since its inception at the beginning of this year has achieved its desired objectives, where more than 1,500 meters of the underground Falaj path has been cleaned, which made the water course passable, after being completely closed. The voluntary work of the wilaya sons continues unabated every day.”
He added that as a result of this voluntary work, the sons of the wilaya decided to participate in the competition of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos for voluntary Work to give more motivation and hard work to the sons of the wilaya in the service of the Falaj and achieve the desired aspirations to have the Falaj active as before. — ONA