Fak Korba initiative: 797 freed of financial charges

Muscat: As many as 797 people including 84 women, who were convicted of minor financial offences, were released, thanks to the nation-wide initiative called ‘Fak Korba‘ by Oman Lawyers Association.

Nearly 60 lawyers worked in 39 honorable courts in the country for this noble cause.

“This initiative of releasing people convicted of non-criminal offences has been the national initiative to help and support people who are in real need but caught in legal issues,” Dr Mohammed Zadjali, President of the association told the Observer.

The total amount spent to release the persons involved has reached more than RO 641,000, which is a collective contribution of good Samaritans from all governorates of the country.

“It was a unique collaboration of the members of the Omani society who have demonstrated a unique human cohesion, a great symbiosis, and union in humanity and patriotism, especially under the current exceptional economic circumstances. Even the most difficult was made possible, and challenges were turned into real opportunities.”

Besides the humanitarian hands including voluntary teams, officials, and executives of various companies, legal experts came forward to communicate with all Executions Sections in 45 Primary Courts across all the governorates of the Sultanate. While the Fak Khorbainitiative covered a total of 39 courts, no cases were meeting the required conditions in 6 courts.