Extreme sports beckon young adventurers

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As winter creeps into the air, the landscape of Oman beckons a wide range of adventure sports and adventure trips that one can add to their winter calendar.
Extreme sport is all about going out and making it happen, discovering nature and exploring the wild.
As adventurers make their mark special on every move over the cliffs, across the desert sand and swimming down to the bottom of the sea, the children too are not far away as the call from mother nature sets them high on adrenaline. Winters here are not an excuse for not swapping the air-conditioned city life and the indoor video games for an adventure filled thrilling trips and gears.
For those seeking a completely unique adrenaline rush, the country offers a wide range of high rising mountains to descending deeps. The serpentine route rising as high as 3500 metres North Summit of Jebel Shams, the ready to be explored gorges and wadis and the vibrant marine life of the deep blue sea, is home to a range of options that not only offers unparalleled beauty and remoteness but sports and activities filled with thrill and adventure.
Fit for any highly skilled adventurers, children too can take part on these adventures. In fact, they are not far from achieving high goals in outdoor activities like climbing, mountain biking, navigation and bush crafting, abseiling and lot more activities.
“Oman is the perfect playground for outdoor activities and adventure sports and we want to make sure that young people have the opportunity to experience these adventures at an early age. Our instructors are experienced in running activities for kids in the United Kingdom and across Europe and so for us it makes perfect sense to do the same here in Oman. We offer a range of activities from mountain biking, climbing, abseiling to survival skills and navigation. And of course we make sure they have a lot of fun at the same time,” says Maha Al Lamki, Managing Director of Twenty3 Extreme.
Home to pristine and versatile topography, Oman is replete with natural bounty. It offers all that mother nature can to its admirers, travelers and most of all, to the adventurers.
As most adventurers and tourists revisit the Sultanate for thrilling activities, outdoor adventure is no new thing for people of the country. It has gained popularity among both nationals as well as residents since long and in recent times even children are feeling highly privileged of the benefits it holds for both their body and mind.
However large scale and risky, outdoor adventure activities add a lot more value and skill to any child undertaking such tasks. Other than just developing skills required to be amidst nature, it helps to churn out the best skills in them be it being in the wild or framing out a team spirit within.
“It is important to be a part of a team when out on such activities and this is what these outdoor activities ensure — that every child should learn. It is all about learning by doing the activities for the very first time and thus gearing up for further difficult levels,” says Nataly Fedchenko of Twenty3 Extreme.
With Oman also a great country for diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, kayaking, canyoning — these active adventures add a great value in boosting up health and other developmental aspects as well as building up confidence among children.
“With the best professional guidance such trips and treks are far more less prone to accident factors and it also helps in building up team spirit and learn the basics.”
As per psychologists, these kind of outdoor activities not only help children gain self-confidence but also make them more vibrant and they become more capable in decision making, get well-organised, handle difficult situations and as well as manage stress even with high risk factors involved.
Outdoor adventure is all about risks but doing outdoor activities help one overcome fears and by encouraging children to engage in this physical activities can get them more close to nature and avoid the sedentary city life.