Expressing talent in their own special way

They knew not the rhythmic steps to the music the way their peers would know; nor did they have a mellifluous voice that competed with the best in town.
All they had was an innate urge to express themselves, their passion and their dreams on stage in front of the large gathering that continued to encourage them.
These are children with special abilities from nearly 23 schools. Almost all with genetic disorders, their learning capabilities are much different.
The diverse crowd that witnessed the expression of talents by as many as 200 students of special education suffering from various cases of disabilities, including hearing, mental and visual impairments, gave standing ovation when these children actively involved in the special education and learning difficulties event by the Ministry of Education at Al Sa’ad International school for two days.
The MoE, represented by the Directorate General of Private Schools, concluded special education events and learning difficulties.
The event aimed at highlighting the role of private schools in Oman for paying attention to learning difficulties also shed more light on the most important activities of students with learning difficulties and showcased their energies and skills.
“The event aimed to bring the skills of these children to the fore and offer them unconditional support to these tender minds who dream of walking at or with their peers and enjoying life the way others do”, Badar al Jabri, a MoE representative said.
The ministry officials said that the event also sought to stimulate the young minds, motivate them by working with the children with special needs and learning difficulties and to impart new skills and experience in their field of interest.
In addition, the event also sought to acquire creative methods to deal with special situations and to create an awareness on the roles of special education specialists and learning difficulties in private schools in Oman.
The Forum included many training workshops for teachers and parents, implemented by a group of specialists in the areas of special education and learning difficulties.
These little souls who performed without any inhibition did their best to express themselves and to dance to the tunes of music.