Exports fall 28 per cent to RO 5.79 billion

By Staff Reporter — MUSCAT: Dec 21: Oman’s merchandise exports (including re-exports) during the first seven months of the current year registered a 28.2 per cent drop to reach RO5.79 billion as against RO8.07 billion recorded during the same period last year, says the latest update from NCSI. Imports logged a 24 per cent decline to RO4.95 billion by the end of July, from last year’s imports worth RO6.51 billion. Oil and gas exports declined 35 per cent to RO3.12 billion while exports of non-oil products declined 24.9 per cent to RO1.42 billion. Meanwhile, re-exports shrunk by 9.1 per cent to RO1.24 billion, the NCSI report said.
Exports of crude oil fell 35.9 per cent to RO2.64 billion, while that of refined oil weakened by 5.5 per cent to RO85.3 million. Also, there had been a 33.4 per cent drop in LNG exports at RO394.1 million, during the period. Coming to the non-oil sector, exports of live animals and products suffered a 25.5 per cent fall, taking the value down to RO92.7 million, while exports of mineral products weakened 15.4 per cent to RO368.7 million. Exports dropped by 24.2 per cent to RO332.1 million in the chemical products segment, along with a 50.2 per cent fall in exports of plastics and rubber at RO77.4 million, and a 33.1 per cent decline in base metals and articles at RO264.4 million.
Exports of electrical machinery, mechanical equipment and parts went down 22.7 per cent to RO62.2 million, while export of other items fell 14.7 per cent to RO225.4 million during the January-July period.
On the other hand, re-exports of mineral products staged a strong performance, rising 68.2 per cent over last year’s figures to reach RO399.9 million. However, re-exports of transport equipment dropped by 30.9 per cent to OR 623.7 million.
Re-exports of other products declined 3.6 per cent to RO220.5 million. Imports of live animals and their products fell 3.4 per cent to RO258.1 million, while prepared foodstuffs and beverages logged a 1.4 per cent rise in imports at RO264 million.
Imports of mineral and chemical products decreased 26 per cent and 38.6 per cent to RO726.3 million and RO369.7 million respectively, while plastics and rubber products declined by 14.6 per cent to RO208.9 million.
Imports dropped by 7.3 per cent and 20.2 per cent respectively in the base metals and articles, and electrical machinery, mechanical equipment and parts segments to RO675.6 million and RO987.6 million.
Imports of transport equipment fell by 47.6 per cent to RO563.8 million, while other products logged a 19.5 per cent drop in imports by the end of July this year, the NCSI report indicates.