Explosion in youR mouth Fish Pie

45g White Fish, firm (cubes)
45g Tuna (cubes)
40g Shrimp (deveined, shelled)
15g Salmon, smoked
120g Mashed potatoes
120ml Cooking cream
15g Cheese, parmesan (grated)
30g Onion, white (chopped)
30g Leeks (chopped)
3g Dill
17g Parsley (chopped)
15g Salt (fine)
5g Pepper, white, powder
35g Green peas
60g Butter, plain
1pc Egg (boiled)

Start by washing potatoes, scrub off all the soil and dirt then boil starting with cold water until fork-tender, this will take forty minutes.
Meanwhile, peel onions and chop into cubes. Cut the roots of leeks, wash thoroughly and rinse in between layers and cut into cubes.
Wash the fresh herbs, dry parsley and dill using a paper towel and chop roughly then set aside for later use.
Start boiling room temperature whole eggs by washing it carefully and cook it starting with roll boiling salted water, cook the egg for eight minutes and stop the cooking process by submerging under ice water for at least fifty minutes to one hour.
When the potatoes are tender, place it in a strainer and remove water as much as possible. Remove the skin by peeling it then start mashing with a fork if masher is not within reach. Grate the cheese, set aside and keep it chilled until ready to use.

For the fish and seafood, make sure that fish is fresh, both tuna and any white firm flesh fish. Shrimp needs to be cleaned, deveined and shelled. Proteins should be cut into square even sizes. Salmon can be purchased smoked with many varieties. Choose according to your preference.

In a deep pan, sauté the leeks and onions on medium heat until translucent, then add fish and seafood. Stir few times but be careful not to break it.
Bring down the heat to low and add cooking cream and some water to thin out the sauce. This will give you some room to cook the protein.
Add peas and some parsley and cook for another two minutes. Season with salt and pepper. Taste, then add cheese. Simmer on low heat until right consistency achieved. Thick and savoury flavour is what we are looking for.

Heat the mashed potatoes by adding some butter and cold cream. Cooked on a very low heat and stir until all the ingredients are incorporated. Season with salt and white pepper to taste. Stir more to activate gluten, and create the body. This will help the dish to render colour on the baking process
Transfer the seafood mixture into the baking pan, top sliced boiled egg then mashed potatoes on top. Fully cover the dish with potatoes and create some edges. Bake inside the preheated oven 180C, for fifteen to twenty minutes or until the top is golden brown and has a crust.
Rest the fish pie for ten to twelve minutes before slicing through. This will allow the potatoes and fats to settle and have better firmness.

Herbs like rosemary can be added in mashed potatoes for an additional boost of flavour. Skin is not necessarily needed to be peeled off. Potato skin contains a lot of nutrients like fibre and vitamin C. It will provide a different texture and add depth on the flavour. Any white flesh fish can be used, but the firm flesh is a must. Otherwise, fish will be mashed after few times of stirring and simmering. Smoked salmon can be replaced with other smoked fish, like cod or mackerel depending on the preference of the palette. Mix and match are recommended. Breadcrumbs can be sprinkled on top thinly. This will help to render deeper colour and provide crispness finish.
CHEF GERALD VIBAL took Psychology in college but later discovered his love and passion for food and cooking. He spent some time working at the kitchen of Gaylord Hotels in Nashville, Tennessee before moving to Oman to pursue his dream. He worked as a sous chef for almost two years for Laval when he got to Muscat until he landed the Chef De Cuisine post at Marlins.
Chef Gerald wanted to bring the “homemade” touch to all of his dishes and prefers using fresh products for the many different cuisines he prepares. He also favours using local produce, meat and fish and aims to provide foodies with fresh and memorable dishes.