Explore ‘mountain of rich’ in Amerat

Wadi Mayh, located in Wilayat of Al Amerat, is home to many archaeological sites. It consists of Al Raja, Al Qabil, Al Marazih, Al Mazra’a Al Hadriyah and Al Mazraa Al Alalwiyah. The western part of the valley is guarded by an enormous mountain range with many layers of rock from different geological periods. Now, it looks like a massive display of rock art.
Wadi al Mayh is a valley which is surrounded by many high mountains. The prominent among them is Jabal Al Hanqri (the mountain of rich). It is called so as the place is rich in wild game and honey. The valley is covered with trees and palms, as well as rocks, and a large number of tourists come to it to enjoy these picturesque scenes.
Inside this wadi, there is a stream called Wadi Aimfas. This site’s picturesque landscape is dotted with shrubs and pools of freshwater, which are turquoise blue in colour. The mountain rocks are mostly limestone aged over 300 million years. One can find rock inscriptions and rocky structures which attract hikers from all over the world especially those geologists who are eager to document these type of exceptional spots in Oman. Nowadays, many people visit Wadi Aimfas for hiking and exploring nature. The site has remains of old stone houses.