Experiencing the unknown

Maysa al Zubaidi –

How often did you regret making certain decisions? Life sometimes forces us to choose the most difficult choice, so everything goes smoothly.
When you think yourself able and smart enough to overcome any obstacle, suddenly a situation crops up and you start feeling helpless against the silliest of the situations.
I have gone through such situation after finishing my high school.
It was a total shock when my parents told me that one of our relatives wanted to marry me! From inside I was disturbed as my dreams and expectations of the future vanished in a blink of an eye. It is hard to translate the contradicting thoughts I was experiencing then. I felt that I am an ugly worthless girl!
Besides, I had little idea of what marriage is or what exactly I was going to experience later on.
When I consulted my parents, they convinced me about the man that he is a good person but left on me to take a decision.
Convinced with my parents, I immediately said yes without thinking much. At that time I was only focusing on my study to get a high degree and fortunately I got it. With my high grade (94) I had an opportunity to join Sultan Qaboos University but due to my wedding I preferred to join Salalah College of Applied Sciences.
The first month after getting married was a real struggle! I was trying hard to manage both my academic life and the fact of being a wife.
However, I could overcome that stressing period successfully as I graduated after having my first baby with an honour of being the first in my batch. Then, I felt that I accomplished a huge success as I was able to balance between my study and my new role as a mother. No doubt that my family and particularly my mother was the secret key behind my achievement. Today and forever, I have no word to tell the unlimited emotional support that I got from my mother. Eventually, each one of us should have faith that the dreams will never be achieved unless we insisted to chase them passionately.