#ExperienceOman installation creates new buzz in Old Muscat

You may have visited the Muttrah Sea Road countless times. It is said that when you visit Oman, stopping by Muttrah (or Old Muscat as we call it) is a necessity as this place makes one experience the very essence of the Sultanate. Be it the long walkway by the sea, the architectural brilliance of the fish market, the oldest port that harbours cruise-liners every winter welcoming a throng of tourist enjoying the flavourful Arabian delights or the most glittering display of lanterns, clothes and souvenirs at the oldest souq — Muttrah Souq also locally called Al Dhalam — Muttrah is a place for all tourist to relish and understand culture and tradition of Oman.
Adding to its grandeur with the blue sea and rugged hills on the other side and the lined archetype fish statues along the cobbled path is a striking podium which will provide unique backdrop to one’s travel album. #EXPERIENCE OMAN has created a niche for those who till date missed photographing themselves in this beautiful stretch with a caption. What the Colosseum reflects for Rome, Big Ben for London or the “I Love Tbilisi restaurant for Georgia, so does the glitzy #EXPERIENCE OMAN placard for the Sultanate of Oman in Muttrah.
“I walk five kilometres daily along this stretch and what I have never done for past few years, I did two days back. I stood near the installation to click a selfie for both my Whatsapp and Instagram,” shared Clara, a resident of Oman.
Set up a few weeks back, the #EXPERIENCE OMAN installation has drawn a large number of crowds and left them awestruck. Some stand there for a while and gazing at the details trying to connect the scenes on the letters with what they already know. Others love snapping themselves and add it to their innovative digital profiles.
“I am a tourist from China and this part of Oman has left me speechless. The fresh air, the rugged terrain, the beautiful beaches, souvenirs, and aromatic food, have made me smile. What could be a better framework than #Experience Oman for some exotic pictures of mine!” she exclaimed as she poses in front of the installation.
Each letter showcases the versatile landscapes of the country. The strokes of green, blue, yellow form a noticeable piece. The honey golden dunes, the lush green farms, the azure diving and snorkeling friendly waters of Musandam, the aerial view of Riyam park, relaxing scene of Salalah, the highest mountains or the jabals — Jabal Shams and Jabal Akhdhar, winding wadis and the traditional ethos are well displayed on this installation for all to spot and ponder.
Have you already paid a visit to this new installation?
If you haven’t yet, pay attention to the details, and one by one, in your head, make sure to tick the places that you already visited and if there are still places you haven’t been to yet, the #Experience Oman installation is a gentle reminder that you have several more places to explore.