Changes in free treatment of expat employees in public sector

Muscat: The government on Sunday announced some changes to the free treatment policy provided to expatriate employees of the government sector.

Dr. Mahad bin Said bin Ali Ba’owain, Minister of Labour, issued a decision 327/2020 amending some provisions of the executive regulations of the Civil Service Law.

Article 1 of the decision that was published in the official gazette, said the amendments include expatriates working for the government sector in the Sultanate on permanent or temporary contracts. The amendments include an expanded list of diseases and operations excluded from free treatment for non-Omanis from 11 diseases and operations to 19.

Article 1 replaces the list of diseases and surgeries excluded from free treatment attached to each of the appendices (10) of the employment contract for non-Omanis in permanent jobs and Appendix 11 for contracts related to temporary employment.

The list includes organ transplantation, open-heart surgery, cancer tumors, hepatitis of all kinds, infertility, hereditary and cancerous blood diseases, reconstructive surgery, hemodialysis, artificial replacement (orthopedic and non-bone), addiction, diagnostic and therapeutic cardiac catheters of all kinds, and heart surgeries, pulmonary fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, acne, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s, metabolic disorders, all dental services, and treatments.

The list of medicines excluded from free treatment includes biological medicines for the treatment of rheumatism and psoriasis, biological medicines for the treatment of asthma, biological medicines for the treatment of retinopathy, diabetes drugs from insulin-like groups, medicines before dialysis in cases of kidney failure and the Botulinum for the treatment of motor nerve spasm and sweating.