Expats can stay in home quarantine, with conditions

Foreigners who are coming to Oman can stay in home quarantine provided they have facilities for the same and follow guidelines set by authorities, an official said on Saturday.

Earlier, the Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) had set a mandatory 14-day institutional quarantine for non-Omanis and 14-day home quarantine for citi- zens arriving in Oman. In a circular issued to all aircraft operators in the country, PACA said that foreign travelers must present confirmation of accommodation and
means to cover its expenses.

Speaking to the Observer, a PACA official said, “All arriving passengers in Oman, including residents, must follow the new rules. If a resident can prove he
has facilities for a home quarantine as per the conditions laid by the authorities, he will be allowed to stay home, but what is important is that all guidelines will have to be followed.”

Darwish, a resident, said, “My family (wife and a child) came to Oman recently after approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

They were not asked to do the home quarantine after the thermal checks and
some instructions.”

Senior manager of a leading Indian airline said, “We will start implementing
the guidelines soon where the passengers will be asked to present documents such as details of their accommodation and health insurance.”

Air India Express has issued an update for Oman-bound passengers travelling on Vande Bharat Mission as per the PACA guidelines.

According to an executive in SalamAir, “A resident can book tickets from us provided he brings all documents including the approval letter from the
Ministry of Foreign Affairs.”

While aircraft crew is exempted from the 14-day quarantine, the arriving passengers must download Tarassud+ mobile app and register before arrival as well as pay RO 5 for tracking bracelets to wear during the quarantine. All visitors are required to have health insurance for the full duration of their stay in Oman. PACA has also confirmed that residents are allowed to return to the country with a permit issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs via their embassy or sponsor or national airlines (Oman Air and SalamAir).