Expats booked for making food from slaughter waste

The Court of First Instance in South Batinah convicted some expatriate workers of preparing food from slaughterhouse waste. The accused were convicted, imprisoned, fined RO 25,200 and ordered to be deported. Five expat workers used to collect meat waste from slaughterhouses and store it in large refrigerators in a farmhouse, it was learnt. They cleaned the meat with hot water, cut it, and pack and sell it to restaurants and commercial centres in Muscat.

Following investigations, the place was raided by officials from the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP). One of the accused was caught inside the house when he was trying to take the meat out of a refrigerator. Four huge refrigerators, two gas cylinders, a knife, a weighing scale, a computer, and a number of records and invoices were seized. The case was referred to a competent court, which charged them with violating the Consumer Protection Law and sentenced the first defendant to one-year imprisonment and fined him RO 2,000.

The others were ordered to serve a six-month prison sentence and were fined RO 1,000. They were also charged with violating the food safety law. Accordingly, the first accused was sentenced to one-year imprisonment and fined RO 5,000. The others were ordered to serve jail terms ranging from a month to a year. They had to pay a fine ranging from RO 200 and RO 3,000. “One of the reasons for repeat occurrence of such incidents is the renting-out of farms and land to people who engage in activities without obtaining approvals from the competent authorities,” said the court.