Expat population at five-year low

Muscat: Continuing with the recent demographic transition in the Sultanate, the total population has come down by 203,715 during the nine-month period this year.

However, the Omani population reached 2.73 million making up 61.3 per cent of a total of 4.46 million people on September 14. The expatriate numbers dropped to its lowest level of 38.7 per cent to reach 1.72 million.

This is the lowest percentage of expat population, comprising mainly Indians, Bangladeshi and Pakistani nationals, since July 2015, when it made up 43.6 per cent of the total population.

In the beginning of this year, the number of Omanis stood at 2.69 million or 57.70 per cent, while the number of expatriates reached 1.97 million or 42.30 per cent.

As of 2019, the annual growth rate in Oman was 3.56 per cent, down from 4.18 per cent in 2018. The birth rate in Oman is pretty on par with the rest of the world with 2.67 children being born to the average woman.

According to figures available from the National Centre for Statistics and Information, Muscat continues to be home for the largest number of 1.380 million people even as the total population in governorate witnessed a drop of 3.08 per cent during the period.

Except for Al Wusta, all the governorates witnessed across-the-board fall in the population. Dhofar is the second largest with 437,381 people against 442,082 in July.