An expat model who endeared herself to Omani trendsetters


Models from all over the world dream of one thing — to be featured in some of the world’s best fashion magazine.
Hers is a face that graced the pages of world renown Vogue magazine. A model cum actress, she could have chosen any western country to be her home but she choose Oman. And for her choice, she is finding a rather comfortable place in Oman’s modelling world. She fitted right in Oman’s demanding advertisement and promotional video industry.
Gurleen Kaur Randhawa was an ambitious Punjabi model who carved a niche for herself in various tele-serials and short films back in Mumbai. She arrived in Oman almost two years ago in a pursuit to establish herself as a fashion icon. Soon she found herself walking the ramp with many Arab models besides working with various brands in promotion including premium automotive brand Porsche in 2015.
As the Muscat Festival is on now, Gurleen is busy getting the dancers and other entertainers to showcase Indian art forms in the festival’s two major venues, Amerat Park and Naseem Park. It has always been the case ever since she landed in Oman.
“This is my second Muscat Festival and I’m really enjoying the weeks’ long events where we are expected to perform every evening”, an excited Randhawa said.
A number of frankincense brands, abaya and other Arabic dresses have already made Gurleen the mouthpiece to speak for them through different advertisement mediums.
Not many years ago, the Indian media was abuzz with Randhawa’s more-than-life images claiming her to be the first Asian beauty whom Vogue would promote after signing a contract of a fortune with the international magazine. Randhawa, a resident of Julundhar has been selectedby the critical fashion magazines after several rounds of tests that included make up and catwalk and attitude.
“I’m really excited about the Vogue selection and soon I’ll be doing it in Mumbai”, Randhawa, whose passion pivots around acting, modelling, reading, and listening to music, adds.
Her father who was in the police had felt the spark for showbiz in Gurleen among his daughters and he encouraged her to go for it. Gurleen started off with modeling and soon she acted and shared screen space with leading actors in Punjabi cinema.
Side by side, Gurleen has a business to carry forward. In Dubai she started working for stainless steel building material that has today established its business not just in Dubai but Oman and Europe as well. In between she is finding time to pursue what her heart always longed to do- modelling and acting.
She feels success cannot be devoured alone and there will be more than one person behind the success of anyone in life. She attributes her success to Sherin Mansoor, a leading fashion designer who has boutiques across Europe. Ever since Gurleen began her career, she has been wearing the costumes designed by Sherin who knows Gurleen’s moods very well.
“I honestly love being around positive people. You’re not judged, there’s no drama, everyone just wants to relax and have a nice time and this will give the energy to go forward in life with your ambitions,” she shared.
“To achieve great things in life, the simple mantra is to have confidence in oneself,” she added.