Brigadier Engineer Mohammed al Rawas, Director General of Traffic, said as per the decision to amend the regulations of the traffic law included the 13 of the total traffic violations of 415, including four violations, which increased fines from RO10 to RO15.

Here are some of the new rules that will come into effect from March 1.

Expatriates will have to renew their driving licence every two years and those who already have a ten years licenses will not be affected until they have to renew them. It will not be applied those who already have a 10-year license, until its expiry period.

Women will be allowed to get permits to operate as taxi drivers

Seat belts to be mandatory for all passengers, not just the front-seat passenger and the driver.

Penalties for parking in slots meant for the disabled has been increased to RO50 from RO10.

The penalty for wrong overtaking by trucks raised to RO50.

The car seat mandatory when transporting children under the age of four years from March 1. Penalty of RO10.

Vehicles should be not parked next to the bus stop.

Vehicles should not left attended on the right side of the road as it has been the cause for some of fatal accidents in recent times,

 It is mandatory the bicycle riders to use helmets.

The amendments include reducing the period of calculation of traffic points in the traffic register for one year from two, giving the advantage to the violator to renew the traffic record every year.

The number of accidents has decreased by 67 per cent and deaths by 52 per cent since the end of 2012, and efforts are underway to enhance traffic safety and reduce accidents. Pointing out that standing on the shoulder of the road is a violation and there are accidents occurred because of standing on the right side, Al Rawas said.