Existing subscribers not affected by new regulations: Diam

Muscat: The Public Authority for Water (Diam) said that it has issued the new regulation for the connection of potable water with the aim of regulating the service as well as adjusting the relation between the owners and the service supplier in terms of the rights and responsibilities of both parties and in accordance with the terms and conditions provided for in the contract.

In a statement, Diam said: “With reference to what is being circulated on social media regarding the fees for water connection, the Authority would like to explain that the current subscribers won’t be included in the contribution system for the new subscribers. The Authority would like to explain that previously there was no fixed price for connecting the service for residential houses as the prices varied widely reaching several thousand rials in some cases.”

The Authority has earlier intervened to ensure no hike in water connection fees by the companies. For this aim, Diam approved a system bid price prior should be presented by three companies from which the Authority selects the lowest price. However, what was lacking was the principle of fairness as the prices varied with some applicants used to pay more amounts of money depending on the distance between the property and the water pipe, the terrain and other factors, the statement said.

The new system of water connection fees represents the average cost of water connection to residential schemes excluding the components of the water system such as the main water transmission pipes, pumping stations, reservoirs and main distribution lines the cost of which are covered by the Authority.

Monthly installments of RO 10 have been imposed by the Authority for a period of 70 months without the need for paying the full amount by the subscribers in the residential sector. The subscribers in the other sectors (commercial, industrial and government sectors), are required to pay full amount upon applying for water connection, the statement said.

The statement said: “Stemming from our social responsibility, Diam will bear the cost of RO 10 per month for the social insurance segment in coordination with the Ministry of Social Development and in accordance with the rules followed by the ministry. We would like to affirm that the regulation for potable water connection is the result of a detailed study that followed a series of appeals requesting the Authority to interfere to regulated the existing situation and to in a way that achieves the principle of fairness. We would like to confirm that the installment system introduced by the Authority provides a reliable economic alternative compared to other options”.

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