Exhibition sheds light on eras in history of Oman

By Mai Al Abria — MUSCAT: Dec. 19: The National Records and Archives Authority NRAA opened on Monday the permanent exhibition of documents and national archives under the auspices of His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture, at the headquarters of the Authority at the Airport Heights in Ghala. Dr Hamad al Dhoyani, the Chairman of NRAA emphasized on the importance of documents and records at the scientific research and the intellectual creativity.
873514“In order to serve this end, NRAA launched this permanent exhibition which is considered a museum and exhibition to introduce visitors to the beginning of the writing through graphics and images in the rocks and the specific time in which writing first reached Oman.
The exhibition addresses the complete history of documentation and archives including Musnad type of writing used to the emergence of the use of Arabic calligraphy. A special focus to Oman through eras is given in the corners of the exhibition”, he commented.
The permanent documentary exhibition consists of several halls to draw the visitors’ attention to two dimensions: the first gives a glimpse at the ancient history of Oman and the other is to recognize how the Omani citizen was able to document this history and preserves it, starting from registration on the leaves, stones and ending up with the established of a documentaries institution represented by the NRAA.
The reception hall consists of two boxes. One showcasing the tools used for writing in the past and the other presents the importance of documentation for ancestors.
873513Documentation hall displays the history of documentation across the world starting from the sculpture on the rocks in the ancient civilisations, passing on archiving and the establishment of archival institutions in the modern era. This hall illustrates the importance of the history of nations and civilizations.
Oman throughout history Hall displays an exciting novel written by Omanis since ancient stone ages until the current time where achievements and progress is highlighted. The hall shed light on the accomplishments achieved through different historical periods, until the seventies when His Majesty with his wisdom led the modern renaissance of Oman.
A Hall is also allocated to the reign of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos that presents a film of the biography of His Majesty and the blessed Renaissance march through historical documents and old photos.
The last Hall is archiving the achievements of the National Records and Archives Authority and its role at preserving the cultural heritage. A short film is displayed on the achievements of the authority and the aim of its establishment which targets the preservation of the national memory of the country.