Excessive thinking may lead to insomnia and fatigue

Muscat: Excessive thinking can lead to serious health disorders like insomnia and fatigue, said the Royal Hospital in a statement on Tuesday.

“It is difficult for those with excessive thinking to be blessed with proper sleep as they often switch their rooms and beds for a place to think. They bring all the thoughts and events of the past when they start sleeping and then suffer from insomnia and fatigue,” said the statement.

According to medical experts, stress is inevitable in current situations due to worry about health, job situations, chronic diseases, and mental health conditions.

According to the Royal Hospital, one of the main reasons for excessive thinking is the social anxiety about what must be said and what must not be done, fear of society’s view of the individual, fear of failure and rejection, previous difficult experiences, and bad results, obsessive-and compulsive disorders (OCDs).

The report added, “When a person thinks a lot about something, he will not make the right decision and act quickly to solve a problem or do an appropriate act. He may lose opportunities to improve his life or solve problems while he is thinking and thinking about something that causes a lot of time and opportunities.”

Like in anxiety and depression, a lavish thinker sees everyone around him as just a source to threaten him, which leads him to lead an unhealthy life. This will force him to take incorrect and negative actions as a result of his thinking about the negatives and problems, the report said.

According to medical experts, prolonged anxiety can lead to depression and people resorting to unprescribed medication or addiction.