Evaluation of factories for Excel Award ends today

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Commerce and Industry concludes today evaluating the factories participating at Sultan Qaboos Award for Industrial Excellence 2017-2018. The ministry’s team has visited 20 industrial establishments at the various parts of the Sultanate. The Evaluation Committee, which comprises a number of specialists from the public and private sectors, focused on a range of criteria including leadership, production process, manufacturing process, relationship between provider and customers, interest in vocational health and safety, corporate social responsibility, innovation in the manufacturing process, industrial and financial performance and product marketing.
The establishments that took part at the competition will be provided with a detailed report on the areas of strength, weakness and areas that need more improvement and development. The Evaluation Committee, which comprises five members from the private sector and academic organisations, will review the outcomes of the evaluation teams and sort out the factories that won the award. — ONA