European tourists enjoy the spirit of Ramadhan

Salalah: European tourists in Salalah are seen enjoying the spirit of Ramadhan as they are getting to know the true essence of the Arab culture and tradition, which the people of the region love to live with during the holy month.

Some tourists even admitted that they were surprised at the rare affable treat of culture and tradition that they received during Ramadhan in Oman.

“I thought Muslim countries are off limits during Ramadan when I started from my country. But it proved to be a misconception thanks to the fact that I could witness the culture and local tradition from close quarters,” said Kristina, a tourist from Czech Republic staying put in Crowne Plaza Salalah Resort.

“My calendar was permitting only this time to take leave. Since many of my friends were recommending me to go to Oman, I took a calculated plan by dividing my stay in the country pre and post Ramadan, as I landed in Salalah on May 1 and travelling back tonight. Now I feel lucky that I could see the true Arab culture during Ramadan,” Kristina said.

She admitted that initially there was some problem when Ramadan started, but she could manage it easily by taking her own call ‑ not to eat and drink water etc publicly “and the problem was easily sorted.”

A lawyer by profession, Kristina was happy to take part in ‘iftar’, the delicious evening meal with which the Muslims break their fast. She admitted to have developed respect for the region and its people by being here during Ramadan.

Some German tourists staying in Al Baleed Resort echoed Kristina’s feelings by admitting that they were enjoying their stay in Salalah during Ramadan.

Andre Heller and Markus Weis said, “Absolutely no problem. Moreover, we are enjoying the quietness, the food and the ambience. Salalah is warmer than our place in Germany but we are enjoying the warmth, nice people, nice country,” they said in one voice.

German couple Christina Eschenbach and Oliver Eschenbach chose to come back to Oman after 13 years. They were surprised at the developments in the country’s infrastructure during these years.

“Before going into those details I would like to say that we are enjoying our stay in Salalah during Ramadan. We are able to know about elaborate Arab culture by being here during Ramadan,” Christina said.

“Even in our flight from Muscat to Salalah we could experience the customs and fasting, the deep rooted culture as people who were fasting, were being offered ‘iftar’ food as per Ramadan schedule. In the hotel where we are staying, we are enjoying the Arab delicacies… We appreciate how difficult it would be to fast during the day and enjoy the meal when the Sun goes down,” she said.

Christina and Oliver were all praise for Oman’s development during last 13 years. They appreciated the concept of horizontal development, which allows people to see clean and clear sky.

“It is something amazing to see that while doing development the policymakers in Oman did not forget to conserve their tradition and culture. Hope the coming generations maintain the pace and take extra care for the country’s environment,” they said.

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