Eshraqa launches entrepreneurship academy

MUSCAT: Khimji Ramdas’ Social Development Arm, Eshraqa, reinforced its efforts to support local enterprise with the recent launch of the Eshraqa Entrepreneurship Academy (EEA). The academy commenced its first sessions for the young talented Omanis and will offer entrepreneurship training and mentoring through the Khimji Training Institute as well as function as an idea incubator for viable startups.
Nailesh Khimji, Director Khimji Ramdas said, “We are committed to furthering the government’s plans for education and equipping Oman’s talented youth with the right tools to embark on their dreams. The launch of the Eshraqa Entrepreneurship Academy reflects the extent of our commitment in implementing the country’s objectives for developing the SME sector and creating opportunities for the youth with high potential and good business acumen. Through the academy we intend to provide startups with comprehensive training on how to maximise resources for business generation and every other area associated with a successful startup.”
The entrepreneurship academy identified ideas with potential during Startup Week organised by Riyada and NBC Oman for nascent entrepreneurs. Khimji Ramdas was platinum sponsor for thee vent that presented startups with the unique opportunity to pitch their ideas and a chance for a chosen few to be expertly mentored, nurtured and trained by the Eshraqa Entrepreneurship Academy professionals.
The academy has taken the following startup projects under its wing: Online portal/Mobile application e-commerce platform for SMEs in Oman; Smart Life — Mobile application for controlling electrical appliances in order to access them remotely and save power; and Mind Mapping — To convert existing school curriculum into mind maps for ease of study and understanding.