Escape Zone

Hawaiyat Najm

Legend has it, a celestial rock fell into the earth and landed in the beautiful country of Oman. It left a dent on the surface that has today become a major tourist attraction for locals and visitors alike. While it is known Hawaiyat Najm which literally translates to “the falling star” amongst the locals, to others it is famously known as Bimmah Sinkhole.
Only an hour drive away from the capital city of Muscat, the area around the sinkhole has now been converted into a park with palm trees and picnic tables for families and tourists to enjoy, walk around and even spend the day whilst the more adventurous, dive into the deep waters of the sinkhole.
For the less daring, there are steps making it accessible for everyone, young and old to climb down and enjoy a dip in the cool, calm and blue, emerald waters.
At the entrance to the park, a signboard gives visitors a short explanation about how the sinkhole really formed, but hey! the legendary stories are a much better tale to tell.