Epidemiological data shows drop in Covid-19 cases: MOH

Muscat: The Ministry of Health (MOH) has said that the epidemiological data in the Sultanate points towards a decrease in the total numbers of cases infected with Covid-19, including the patients admitted to hospitals and intensive care units.

The report, which covered the period until the end of July and prepared by the Directorate-General for Disease Surveillance and Control, shows that the seven-day average for cases reached its peak in the first week of July, at the rate of 2,000 cases. It started to decline gradually to 1,000 cases daily until the end of the month.

The report pointed out that a number of indicators will be relied on to determine the epidemiological situation of the disease in the Sultanate and plan for the next stages, including the ‘possibility of another epidemic wave’ through numbers of inpatients in hospitals in general and in intensive care in particular.

The report adds that this will also be done by using the results of the national survey of Covid 19 and using the daily death numbers per million of the population and comparing them with the death rates in previous years.