Ensure vehicle condition in summer, motorists told

Muscat: Amid rise in the temperature, motorists have been advised to pay more attention to their vehicles and reduce speed to avoid any untoward incidents.

“Rising temperature has a negative impact on the performance of the vehicle in different ways. This can not only do damage to the vehicle but also cause accidents”, said Major Mohamed Walad Wadi, head of the technical inspection department in the General Directorate of Traffic.

He said that radiator is an important part that reduces the temperature at the engine parts, thus protecting it from being damaged and corroded.

“Therefore, water in the radiator water should be changed before summer and preferably get it cleaned at the time of periodic maintenance of the vehicle to avoid clogging of the joints and thus increasing the temperature of the engine of the vehicle”, he said.

Major Walad Wadi also pointed out that the tyres should be replaced with new ones in accordance with technical specifications. This will ensure safety from friction of the edges of tyres and erosion.

It is also advisable to check the balance of the vehicle periodically, and ensure the performance of the wheel while driving, and the installation of high-quality tyres.

“When you notice a jolt or vibration while driving at a light or high speed, or when you notice the lack of balance of the vehicle steering, this indicates the need to make a balance for the axes of the vehicle and tires. Neglect of the problem may lead to serious risks”, he said.

According to Major Walad Wadi, the higher the temperature of the weather the less is engine oil capacity to function.

This oil reduces the temperature of the engine, by lessening the friction of the parts with each other. With time the viscosity in the oil decreases, the oil becomes useless and should be changed.

From the important factors that help keep the vehicle and engine in good condition are the need to change the main oils of the vehicle periodically, including engine oil, brake oil, and power oil.

Filters must be changed as well like a gasoline filter, it may affect the speed and performance of the vehicle directly.

If the filter is blocked, it causes a significant weakness in the vehicle’s torque. Filters must be changed every time. The air filter inside the vehicle’s AC should be changed or cleaned every time to get pure air.

Checking the vehicle’s cooling system (air-conditioning) is essential to maintain the vehicle before summer, so that you do not find yourself suddenly sweating due to the failure of this important part. This step is necessary to avoid engine stress and to reduce fuel consumption.

On the battery of the vehicle, the head of the technical inspection section said that it is the first source of electric power, usually the battery life is three years or more, but in case of negligence, the battery life may be limited to less than that period.

But in general, experts recommend vehicle maintenance if the vehicle lights are weak when the engine is turned on, or more energy is consumed when using the air conditioner. This is a sign that the battery life is nearing the end.

It should be noted that there are two types of batteries available on the market.  The normal battery that contains liquids, and this type of batteries can be supplied and can the amount of liquid can be checked which increases the strength of the battery.

The other type is the dry battery; this type can be previewed from the top part of the battery. If the color is green, it means that it is charged. If it is black, this indicates the battery needs to be maintained or changed.

Major Walad Wadi said that there are some warning alerts on the dashboard indicating that there are problems with the vehicle. Therefore, these alerts should be taken seriously as much as possible, especially if the vehicle is new. the vehicle manual explains the alerts meanings.

The emissions of toxic carbon monoxide from the vehicle engine, which increases in the event of a malfunction of the engine or due not changing the oil on time cause death when inhaled especially that the it is a colorless gas.

“it is always advised not to sleep inside the vehicle with the engine running. windows should be opened slightly in park mode to allow ventilation of oxygen inside the vehicles”, he said.