Ensure safety of public water dispensers

MUSCAT: Water dispensers installed at public places and residential neighborhoods are the best methods of making cool water accessible, especially, to people in the lower strata of the society.

Although they are community initiatives undertaken by promoters of residential society or philanthropists who include shop owners or individuals, these dispensers offer free drinking water to pedestrians and people who cannot afford to buy bottled water.

Like every other appliance, they too require cleaning and maintenance. If the water dispenser is well taken care of then it should not cause any problems throughout its useful life, and vice versa. A water cooler can turn into a hazard when not handled correctly.

To ensure safety of connections and compliance with the standards and specifications, the Muscat Electricity Distribution Company (MEDC) is launching a campaign to check water coolers installed in the Muscat governorate.

“In order to avoid accidents like electric shocks from the water dispensers at public places and their compliance with the standards specified by the Authority for Electricity Regulation, checks will be conducted on these appliances”, the MEDC said in a statement.

On regular intervals the company issues warnings and appeals to all those involved to do necessary maintenance and check their electrical connections.

According to MEDC, safety measures to be followed include that the refrigerators or coolers are installed by a licensed electrician, electrical materials used are of high quality and there are regular maintenance and inspection of the appliances.