Engineering Village organises programming competitions

Muscat: Engineering Village organised two programming competitions at Muzn Mall, Muscat to encourage the Omani youth to practise software design and use their skills to implement different ideas and projects. Supported by BP Oman’s Social Investment Programme in the field of education, the first competition, targeted children aged between 8-16 years, while the second one targeted the youth aged between 14-25 years. About 20 teams participated in the competition. It also aims to highlight their creativity in using the programming languages Scratch and Arduino. The competition was judged by a team of Engineering Village supervisors who specialised in teaching programming skills to children and young people.
“Competitions, in general, are an effective method for youngsters to apply what they learn in a fun, light-weighted manner. They create something that is personal and important to them. Programming competitions managed by Engineering Village enabled participants to get the real-world experience of software designing to solve a problem or refine their skills by competing with others,” said Shamsa al Rawahi, BP Oman’s Social Investment Manager.
“The purpose of these competitions is to spread a culture of programming and computer science in a practical and interactive manner and improve skills of young people in programming. It also seeks to garner the community’s attention to these skills and demonstrate the creativity of
programmers to visitors and parents to familiarise them with the possibilities of programming languages,” said Mohammed al Washahi, Director of Engineering Village.