Engineering students underscore projects helpful in nation building

When Haifa al Alawi of the Caledonian College of Engineering submitted her poster about ‘Small Scale Water Recycle and Reverse CRI at CCE Oman’, she was only hoping that her best will be good enough to even qualify in the top ten for this year’s SPE Annual Students Poster Competition organised by the Caledonian SPE Chapter in association with SPE Young Professionals.
This was the same hope students Bilal Shaheed and Nadia al Khalfan from Sultan Qaboos University and the group of Shaima al Mazroui, Khalitham al Badwawi and Fatma al Fazari of the College of Applied Sciences Suhar were holding on.
Putting all their energy into their work, their hope became fruitful with al Alawi bringing home the first prize in the awarding ceremony held on Thursday evening, November 15, 2017.
Al Alawi’s work was declared the winner because of “its generic applicability and usage for mankind.”
Shaheed and Al Khalfan’s group brought home the second prize for their project ‘Geomechanical Stability Charts for Omani Fields’ and al Mazroui, al Badwawi and al Fazari were declared third prize winner for their work on ‘Solar Tree for Recharging Electrical Devices’.
Oman is a country blessed with round-the-year sunlight and major efforts are in need of utilising the natural energy to the fullest and the two projects elucidated how people in Oman can make the most of solar energy.
The poster competition was organised for “students who are enrolled in technical majors within the Engineering and Science disciplines of all college/universities in Oman”.
There were 13 proposals sent this year and all of the participants joined in as it was an opportunity for them to think out of the box and hunt for a one-of-its-kind idea that can change the way we live.
The platform provided by the SPE (Society for Petroleum Engineers) allowed the students to have the opportunity to “share their research and academic work with professional local technical community and engage with industry professionals to enhance their technical and communication skills.”
“These ideas are brilliant and we are proud to be judging the thirteen entries submitted by students of various colleges and universities. Invariably, selecting just three among them was a herculean task but we had to do just that”, the judges with vast knowledge and experience from reputed organisations of the country shared.
Organisers shared that, “As communication is a crucial tool for personal development in the business world, young professionals are challenged to develop and polish skills to communicate and promote their ideas. The objective of this event is to provide the students an opportunity to practice and enhance their communication skills, to foster an environment for growth and to ensure a smooth transition from academia to the industry.”
The top three winners took home cash prizes while the top 10 participants were awarded certificates of recognition.
Expounding on the role of SPE, senior Caledonian staff and board members such as Prof K P Ramachandran, Prof Vallavaraj Athinarayanan, Prof C V Sudhir, and Dr AM Saravanan shared, “The Society of Petroleum Engineers is the largest individual-member organisation serving managers, engineers, scientists and other professionals worldwide in the upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. SPE offers a unique opportunity to contribute to the profession through programmes and activities and many of SPE’s accomplishments are driven by the dedicated members.”
The due date for submission of entries was on November 1, 2015 and students were asked to comply on specific content requirements to qualify.